How can we explain PEMF in short and simple terms?

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PEMF = Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields in general are used in modern medicine for a variety of defined conditions. Depending on the applied properties (wave form, intensity, frequency, coherence), the exposed field creates local health-benefiting effects around the designated areas, where the field is targeted. iMRS prime as well as Omnium1 belong to the specific group of low-pulsed and low-frequency devices and due to their unique properties, both systems are designed to create a holistic effect on almost all of the approximate 70 Billion cells in an average human body. The particular principle of operation is based on the capability of boosting and enhancing the membrane potential of each cell with the result to improve microcirculation, metabolism and ultimately energy production (ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate). Low pulsed and low-frequency PEMF systems are NOT designed to target and/or treat a particular disease, their potential lies in the holistic effect of supporting the entire body to repair and restore its self-regulating forces. Compared to high-intensity and high-frequency devices, the iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are absolutely safe to use and can be also legally utilized and self-operated in the comfort of people`s homes. iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are both certified as medical devices and registered/regulated within all markets Swiss Bionic Solutions is supplying.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields act as a safe and effective transport medium of electrical energy. Because PEMF therapy uses magnetic fields as a transport medium for stimulation and allows them to pass through biological tissue unhindered, it can induce charges deep in the body. It is non-invasive, safe and well tolerable.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields have been harnessed into localized applicators and even full body mats that you can lay on for a few minutes a day. Resonant PEMF therapy uses electromagnetic fields that pulsate using frequencies within the biological window of human cell frequencies.

The body has been designed TO BE powered by the pulsating electromagnetic field of the Earth. This resonant energy powers our cells.