What makes the iMRS Prime Hybrid PEMF Therapy System unique?

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The new iMRS Prime technology combines the findings and efficiency of encompassing PEMF research with the unique capability of providing the essence of all natural electromagnetic waves in one system for clinical and home use. 

 Reduce Pain
 Improve Micro-Circulation
 Promote Bone Healing
 Improve Wound Healing 

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The iMRS Prime Hybrid Exagon FIR Mat offers both Resonant PEMF therapy & Radiant Far-Infrared therapy through the full body Mat! 

iMRS Prime Hybrid Set comes with 3 PEMF applicators (Exagon Far-Infrared + PEMF whole body Mat, Exagon Pad & Exagon Spot), all software modules enabled (except TRIAL), Brainwave Entrainment and HRV Biofeedback Monitoring, all together at the price of an iMRS Prime Expert!

6 Therapeutic Applications included with the iMRS Prime Hybrid = 6D Wellness!

iMRS Prime Hybrid 
iMRS Prime Hybrid Set

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Resonance Induction + Radiant Energy Transfer

Receive PEMF & Far-Infrared Heat TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME!
Combining these modalities has the potential to unlock human health and all the benefits that are available through Biological Energetic Management!

What is the “unique” property of the Exagon Far-Infrared Mat? The iMRS Prime is the only low-pulsed PEMF system in the entire world providing an applicator allowing simultaneous PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) and FIR (Far InfraRed) application.

Far InfraRed radiation is an InfraRed subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum and has been clinically investigated for it’s beneficial biological effects.

FIR creates a holistic effect from the inside-out (similar to PEMF) meaning thermal AND a-thermal radiation will be absorbed and enhanced through vibrational and rotational effects on a multi-molecular level.

While using the iMRS Prime Hybrid’s Exagon FIR Mat, the resonance absorption rate is very efficient due to the small distance between the user and the emission surface and its even distribution.

Simultaneous application of PEMF and FIR exponentiates the beneficial effects of each modality without interfering or disturbing each other.

In fact, when you integrate pulsed electromagnetic fields with Far-Infrared radiant heat, the two energies actually amplify each other!

On top of it, a FIR application feels extremely pleasant, soothing and relaxing and is very safe.

It literally feels like floating on a raft on a calm lake!

A body of clinical evidence supports Far Infrared as a non-invasive health-promoting application:Chronic pain, arthritis, joint stiffness, inflammation, and insomniaEnhances blood circulation, improves blood flow in organs, supports cardiovascular healthCorrelates with an overall improvement in healthStimulates micro-circulation by dilating blood vessels and capillariesEnhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to speed cellular repairBalances digestive problemsRelieves StressSpeeds up regenerationBenefits of sunshine without the risksPenetrates quicker and provide a faster response in the body, and its warming benefits continue after use due to Resonance Absorption

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 Run 2 PEMF Sessions at the same time with Split Mode software! 
The iMRS Prime Hybrid is the most sophisticated PEMF system for clinical and home use in the world.

iMRS Prime Hybrid includes: iMRS Prime Control UnitiMRS Prime Connector BoxExagon Applicator FIR Mat (PEMF & Far-Infrared Whole Body Mat)Exagon Applicator Pad (Square Wave PEMF Applicators)Exagon Applicator Spot (Square Wave PEMF Applicators)20-PIN prime Connector CablePower AdapterSoftware Tool: Program Mode (save individual user settings)Software Tool: iGUIDE (300 pre-programmed protocols)Software Tool: Split Mode (run 2 applicators at once)Software Tool: Hybrid Mode (PEMF & Far-InfraRed) 

iMRS Prime Hybrid Set *also* includes: 
 Exagon Brain – Light, Color & Sound Brainwave Entrainment System
 Exagon Sense – HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and SpO2 (Oxygen) Biofeedback Monitoring (Auto-adjusts PEMF for Healthier HRV)

The Exagon Pad provides proven Square Wave PEMF for areas of need. 

The iMRS Prime provides 2 different waveforms for whole body effectiveness! 

Whole Body Mats use the Triple Sawtooth Wave

The iMRS Prime ‘Exagon’ Mats utilize a triple sawtooth wave for whole body cellular optimization!

Triple sawtooth waveforms create almost countless harmonics and increase probability to reach all 75 trillion cells.  Research has shown that the sawtooth waveform provides the most effective electromagnetic stimulus of all the waveforms.

The Localized Applicators use Square Wave PEMF

– NASA research* proved that square waves are extremely effective for repairing and regenerating cellular structures

* NASA/TP-2003-212054

***From intensities, to frequencies, to waveforms, along with resonance, all PEMF parameters must be fine-tuned to produce health promoting effects and avoid negative effects***


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“Improvement of blood circulation, relief from pain, improvement of bone healing and the stimulation of nerve cells. Not only is PEMF effective in disease conditions, it is also an excellent means of preventing stress, assisting in regeneration and recovery.”
– Swiss Medical Tribune

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PEMF and Cell Energy.

PEMF is a revolutionary approach to dealing with issues in the body. Rather than merely masking issues or pain with dangerous and addictive medications, PEMF zeroes in on the source of the issues and works on living tissue that replaces the existing, damaged tissue. While there are many different regenerative approaches out there such as stem cells or ozone therapy, we utilize finely tuned low frequency PEMF which is safe for everyone. 

How Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Works.

Electricity is everywhere, including our bodies. If the electrical currents in our body go awry, the results can be health threatening. We are bio-electromagnetic beings and electric currents quite literally keep us alive!Each of our cells has an electric charge and is built to conduct electric current. If these electric currents are disrupted or the charge of our cells is not optimal, our body cannot function properly or heal itself. Without properly energized cells, our bodies can experience chronic pain, fatigue, and illness and they often do!

“Based on a lot of research that was done at Yale, it is apparent that just about any pathology in the body is preceded by a drop in cellular energy or charge. Now we have technology that will reach down to the level of a cell that has lost energy and, due to the pulse (PEMF), bring that cell back to normal or a more normal situation, which allows it to replicate and produce a normal amount of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate/cell energy).” – Dr. Gary Ryan, Highly Recognized PEMF Authority & Expert

PEMF involves laying on a whole body mat and placing a pad which uses a resonating pulsed magnetic field through the entire body and over the site of pain or injury. The triple sawtooth waveform has a smorgasbord of frequencies which your cells resonate with while you lie on the mat. As this field goes through your body, on it’s way, it resonates with the cells that it matches the frequencies with! The device emits low-level electromagnetic pulses which pass through the skin and penetrate into organs, bones, muscles or tendons. This pulse interacts with our cellular metabolism in a way that creates an energy boost in the cell. This energy boost helps low-energy cells to function more healthily.

One of the benefits of PEMF is that it can work on many different types of tissue. Since it works on a cellular level, it can be used to focus in on healing something as specific as a pulled muscle or as broad as the cellular rejuvenation of an entire body system. It is also used to alleviate pain and inflammation, improve circulation, energy levels, and sleep quality, and promote cellular detoxification and regeneration. 

Utilizing low frequency PEMF which is proven to resonate with the cells of our bodies you can give optimum resonance to your cells everyday without any negative side effects.