Monthly archive for May 2016

Is Earth’s frequency increasing?

Earth’s background base frequency, “heartbeat” or Schumann resonance, fluctuates but it is not raising dramatically, despite all the hype on Facebook. The following statement from Annette Deyhle (Phd), the Research Co-ordinator for the Heartmath Institute, whose website and charts many are referring to as their “proof” that

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Electrosmog is a growing concern…

Nowadays computers, tablets, and phones have become unavoidable parts of our lives. We use them for everything: work, study, counting our steps, monitoring our heart rate, dating, reading, researching, cooking, streaming music, the list is endless and we cannot live most of our days without the internet.

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Magnetic Resonance Stimulation or PEMF?

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Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is basically finely tuned PEMF! iMRS stands for intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation and PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy.

PEMF is the newer well known term for this innovative technology in the world of integrated wellness.

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy = intelligent magnetic resonance stimulation (iMRS).

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