How do Low-frequency PEMF therapy Systems work?

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You lay on a whole body PEMF mat and use localized applicators to introduce resonant Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) into the body, activating cell functions.

PEMF Therapy is simple. The Earth naturally produces biologically resonant energy and a magnetic field that we have evolved with for thousands of years. All life on this planet relies on the natural electromagnetic field of The Earth. NASA knows this and provides astronauts with PEMF generators for their space missions.

It’s key to have the right frequency range, intensity, and waveforms.

We are energetic beings. We operate best when basking in fields of resonance.

Every cell in our body utilizes electromagnetic currents to function.

As Double Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling said:

“Every activity of our cells can ONLY
take place due to electrical impulse(s).
PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant
to the geriatric, and will lead to a change in
the paradigm of medicine.”

With PEMF Systems it is now possible to administer resonant electromagnetic fields to give energetic nourishment to the cells of our bodies from the comfort of our own homes no less!

Our Planet naturally produces Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields of 0 – 30 hertz (30 cycles or waves per second) and this is what our bodies require to revitalize and activate us, mitigating unnatural EMFs and restoring our vital electromagnetic field to homeostasis – so the body can heal itself!

The iMRS Prime and Omnium1 PEMF Systems have been engineered with all this in mind and reproduce the frequencies of Earth in modern wellness technologies. Low-energy vibrations within the electromagnetic spectrum of the geomagnetic field and the ionosphere serve as a natural model for the technical implementation and cellular wellness results.

In 8 minutes of laying down on a well designed full body Low-frequency PEMF system you can potently gain the benefits of laying on the Earth for 6 hours. You simply turn it on and lay down.