PEMF therapy is going mainstream because it really works!

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(Resonant) PEMFs can resonate/oscillate while activating natural repairing abilities, and counteract cellular aging processes…

PEMF can work to address the pathologies – rather than just the symptoms. PEMF is already very well known to help relieve pain, increase micro-circulation, and support bone growth (bone healing). It is also a very useful tool to support all cell processes.

The PEMF (full-body) Mat and the localized applicators (Spot/Pad) are tools here to help us.

PEMF is capable of activating cells, energizing them, achieving cellular electromagnetic homeostasis, optimizing cell function, oxygenating the blood by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, helping to relieve aches and pains and the list goes on and on… 

We are collectively waking up to this in these times while we are paving the way towards new ways of helping people to deal with various issues in the body …

The Omnium1 2.0 and iMRS Prime are the only PEMF therapy systems registered as “Medical Devices” according to the newly established norm MDR 2017/745!

Speaking of good news…

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This iMRS Prime Hybrid is a (r)evolutionary PEMF system providing both PEMF Therapy and FAR-INFRARED Therapy together!

The beneficial applications of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF therapy) are well known.

The Exagon Pad (included with the iMRS Prime) utilizes NASA researched technology and scientifically proven parameters, the PEMF applicators are very useful for specific areas of need and comes with every iMRS Prime PEMF system.

PEMF Improves Immune System Defence 

Activate the bodies own healing processes…

As more and more people are discovering ways of supporting healthy cells, PEMF therapy is in the conversation more and more!

PEMF therapy has the potential to decrease the production of proinflammatory secretion, while stabilizing or increasing anti-inflammatory cytokine production, during immune response. By modulating the expression of various signaling cascades and cellular information processing networks to restore them to homeostatic (healthy) production levels, PEMF is showing promise as a treatment for inflammatory regulation to be used to promote tissue regeneration and improve the immune system response.

Read more in this article from Rolling Stones magazine on PEMF being used to HELP THE BODY RECOVER and STAY STRONG. PEMF is going mainstream! 

All life exists in a sea of EMFs.

“Every activity of our cells can ONLY take place due to electrical impulse. PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to geriatric, and will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.” 
– Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize Winner

 Cells are electromagnetic by nature, meaning that they generate their own electromagnetic fields and harness external electromagnetic energy of the optimal wavelength, frequency, intensity and strength in order to communicate, control and drive metabolic reactions.

 The Earth’s Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields of 0.5 – 28 Hertz (in the range of 0.5 – 28 cycles per second) are what our bodies require to revitalize and activate, sparking our cells to LIFE and restoring our vital electromagnetic field to homeostasis, so the body can begin to heal itself!

The iMRS Prime and Omnium1 2.0 whole body pulsed electromagnetic field systems utilize well researched technology and replicate the living, pulsing Earth frequency. They are even designed so the frequencies are stronger at the feet than the head, just as when we stand on the Earth.

If you want to be well, you need to correct the electrical field of the cells.

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