Feeling Great Again!

I’ve been struggling with chronic illness for a decade but after a mere 2 weeks using the Omnium PEMF mat, I honestly felt like a new woman. I felt more relaxed, had deeper sleeps, considerably less chronic pain in my joints and extremities, and felt more energized overall. Even my digestion has improved. The changes were felt immediately and were nothing short of astounding.

No other treatments have brought about these tangible shifts so quickly.

– Sarah M.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

No More Pain Medications!

I have been suffering with headaches for almost 40 years… For all these years I have been on pain meds, 222s and worse. I also had a shoulder pain from an injury 20 years ago and I have been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis without any resolution. I’ve been using the iMRS pemf system for almost 2 months now and I have no more headaches, and I am off my pain medications. My shoulder is no longer in pain and I’ve stopped seeing my chiropractor.

I am so grateful for this life enhancing technology!

– K.D.
Seattle, Washington, USA


Reversed Headaches and Improved Sleep!

The Mat (PEMF System) has removed the spots in my peripheral vision and reversed my pressure headaches. It has given me energy, dissipated negative thinking and has improved my quality of life. I do shift work in the healthcare profession, and it provides the balance I had been missing, so I can sleep.

I recommend this product to everyone.

– Sharon Arthur
New York, USA

Alleviated Pain and Fast Recovery!

I recently re-injured my lower back and I went to see a chiropractor. Things didn’t get better, in fact, it escalated to the point where I could not move from my bed. I was in a great deal of pain and I was having back spasms. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom! I was in much distress and for the first time, I seriously considered going to the hospital… I started using the mat religiously… After 2 days of using the mat, I was able to get on my feet. On the 5th day, I managed to go for a walk in the forest. I’ve injured my back in the past and it took a much longer time to recover. Thanks to Jordan and the PEMF mat, I was able to get back on my feet after using the mat for a few days!

I highly recommend this method of healing before going to see a chiropractor or starting a serious physiotherapy treatment. This method is very gentle, it allows the body to relax and start the healing process without major intrusions.

– Danny T.
– Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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