PEMF Therapy 101

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PEMF Therapy 101 – What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, PEMF Therapy for short, is a form of therapy that helps alleviate pain through low-level pulses of electromagnetic radiation. This form of therapy is so vetted NASA uses it to mitigate bone loss and muscle atrophy in astronauts. The article states, “the scientific evidence is that PEMF therapy is effective because it conveys ‘information’ that triggers specific repair activities within the body.”

NASA wasn’t fooling around, they conducted a four-year study to test the effects of PEMF Therapy on our bodies. They found that “electromagnetic fields can help improve our cells’ function and our health”, and their research also pointed to a bigger problem which indicated that “changes in electromagnetic fields could have a major influence on our health and wellbeing.”


PEMF Therapy acts as an energy resource to recharge our body’s mitochondria through a safe level of PEMF’s that typically fall between a range of 0.5Hz and 30Hz.  These low levels of electromagnetic frequencies are the same levels that occur naturally on the Earth’s surface.

Research has demonstrated that PEMF therapy has proven to help bones heal faster, regenerate the liver, reduce pain associated with arthritis in muscles and bones, ease depression, improve sleep quality, increase blood flow and circulation, improve immune function and more. 

Podcaster and PEMF expert Doctor Gary Ryan states, “based on a lot of research that was done at Yale, it is apparent that just about any pathology in the body is preceded by a drop in cell charge. Now we have the technology that will reach down to the level of a cell that has lost charge and, due to the pulse (PEMF), bring that pulse back to normal or a more normal situation (cell voltage homeostasis) which enables it to replicate and produce a more normal cell.”


Our bodies are comprised of cells, all of which have both positive and negative magnetic charges. Charges are carried out by chemicals through the exchange of ions. As we age or become injured, our cells degenerate and weaken or entirely lose their magnetic charges. When this happens, they are no longer able to exchange ions. This is why we suffer from inflammation, fatigue and pain. Instead of waiting for the body to generate new cells and heal on its own time, PEMF Therapy works to restore our injured cells magnetic charges, thus speeding up the healing process. 

A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy system can be utilized for full body activation. Applicators can be placed on areas of pain or those areas in need of healing. Applicators can come in various forms such as a mat, pad, ring, probe or paddle depending on the area needing treatment. The pulsed electromagnetic fields work to reach our body at a cellular level to reignite recovery and cell regeneration.


Many studies have been done to analyze the efficacy of PEMF therapy and PEMF systems. Several of these studies can be found in detail here and here. A brief overview of the conclusions:

  • Participants with rotator cuff injuries had reduced or entirely eliminated pain with PEMF
  • Participants with arthritis reported less pain and improvement in mobility after one month of PEMF
  • PEMF can slow cartilage from breaking down in participants with osteoarthritis
  • Studies on animals concluded positive regeneration in nerve fibers
  • Participants with fibromyalgia reported less pain after PEMF therapy
  • Participants with musculoskeletal pain reported less chronic pain after treatments


The most common health care practitioners who utilize Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy are chiropractors, naturopaths and physical therapists.  At present, health insurance does not cover PEMF therapy in a spa or clinic. This may change, however, treatment can be as low as $30 to $60 a session.


Consult with us at PEMF Planet to make sure you get a fully certified PEMF system you can trust.

We work with Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS), which is the global leader in PEMF systems for home use. SBS has been developing PEMF technology for over twenty five years. Their products offer three-year warranties and state of the art manufacturing. When purchasing a PEMF machine for home use, you must be cautious of copy-cat systems or systems which utilize high intensity frequencies that are not natural and can be rejected by our bodies’ cells. Also be careful of lower end or used machines as you typically get what you pay for. Do not risk your health for a cheaper option. Invest in a system that is backed by decades of research and use and has verifiable results.

Purchasing really is the best choice, as we can utilize this activating technology in our own homes anytime we like. Conduct thorough research before purchasing your PEMF system.  The most expensive and the cheapest are not necessarily the best options. An expert will be able to give you an idea what system is best for you, and an adequate timeline of both treatment and recovery and what you can expect.

As Certified PEMF Experts, we can help determine the best fit for your needs. We have financing and rental options, as well as monthly specials. At PEMF Planet, we provide you with great personalized service in guiding you through your PEMF system usage and training needs.

Call 1 (888) 621-1011 or Email with your questions and we will be happy to assist you in your next step.

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