How To Protect Your Family From Smart Meters (High Frequency Radiation Exposure)

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering what EMF Radiation you and your family are being exposed to on a daily basis. Once you realize the amount of EMF Radiation is significant and could be harmful, you want to find ways to eliminate or at least mitigate that exposure. There are various ways we can reduce EMF exposure in our homes, but in this article, I will be sharing my experience and quick fix tips to limit Smart Meter radiation in the home.

For our family, it was a real surprise to find a Smart Meter sitting outside the wall of our bedroom, only 12 feet from our bed we sleep on with our little toddler! Yes, our toddler sleeps with us and yes, our bed is no more than a dozen feet from the smart meter!

This was a shock. We left a noisy, crime-riddled area of the city to move to a nice, peaceful, quiet neighborhood mountainside, and somehow overlooked this high-frequency device aka the “smart meter” 8 feet above ground level on one side of the house. Soon after moving in my wife and I both started getting headaches, and she developed some other unusual symptoms.

Anyway, whenever you move to a new place I recommend checking if there’s a smart meter or be prepared to have to do what we did…

First, we researched how we could provide EMF Protection for our bed area. We found faraday cages for beds which are a bit pricey but a luxury to have to reduce the electro-pollution floating around a bedroom from reaching you when you’re in your bed.

But what about preventing the Smart Meter radiation from even getting into the bedroom in the first place?

Well, we decided to simply get a Smart Meter Cover/Guard/Protector.

I say cover/guard/protector because all 3 are the actual names of various products you can order online, which all claim to do more or less the same thing, but I found a few subtle but important differences. I go into the differences between the Smart Meter Cover, the Smart Meter Guard, and the Smart Meter Protector here.

In the end, I went with the Smart Guard because it seemed to have the best quality craftsmanship out of the 3, and it didn’t have a potentially leaky emf radiation system. (Smart Meter Covers have a section of the emf-blocking faraday cage missing to fit around some smart meter designs, but if your smart meter is like mine you want the whole circular radius covered and enclosed.)

The frequencies coming from a smart meter are not directional, but radial, meaning they don’t shoot in one direction only but bounce around in all directions, so it is important to fully cover the entire smart meter as even one small section not covered will leak the emf radiation and it can still end up coming into your home where you and your family live.

We also ordered a quality EMF detector. We wanted to test before and after we put the smart meter guard on the smart meter and see the difference it makes, as well as test for other sources of emf pollution in the house. Smart Meters emit an RF (Radio Frequency) signal in the 900 Mhz frequency range, so we wanted a quality RF-EMF Detector.

I basically wanted the best EMF detector for the best price. I needed it to detect RF accurately, as well as electric and magnetic fields so I can clear up electro pollution sources and various potential dirty electricity in the house, including:

    • Smart meter RF radiation
    • Mobile phone and cell tower RF radiation
    • Wi-Fi router and Bluetooth RF radiation
    • Overhead AC power line and transformer EMF emissions
    • Laptop, refrigerator, circuit breaker box, etc. appliance EMF emission
    • EMF emission inside aircraft and motor vehicles
    • Microwave oven leak
    • Location and EMF of wiring in walls
    • EMF from plumbing pipes used as a grounding

On top of identifying other sources of electro-pollution in our home environment besides what comes from the Smart Meter, we also wanted the emf detector to be able to test for the current levels of 5G Radiation. Luckily there are no 5G towers near me yet, but who knows how long that will be, as new 5G tower locations are exponentially being put up globally now. You can find a 5G Tower Map here to see if there’s any near you.  The main new 5G frequency bands are in the range of 3.4 – 4.2 GHz.  The emf detector we chose can accurately detect Radio Frequencies in the range of 100 MHz – 6 GHz

The TriField EMF Meter combines all the features we needed for fast, accurate measurements of various electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Once we got our TriField EMF detector, we were able to see via the LED screen and hear via the audio signal the EMF Radiation we had sensed was around us, but couldn’t know for sure how much, at what levels, and where the sources were coming from. What a relief it was to be empowered again and be on our way to home-based EMF Protection…

So, we tested the signal before and after putting on the Smart Meter Guard and the signal lowered by only half! I was baffled as to why there was still such a strong signal showing on the Trifield RF setting. I turned around and noticed through the bushes that the neighbours open face garage had a smart meter facing us, only 20 feet from where I was standing! Oh My Gosh!!!

I mentioned to the neighbour about potentially paying for their smart meter cover. The woman of the house (who has cancer) was intuitively open to the idea but the man of the house looked at me like I was nuts! To think that these unnaturally high frequencies could have any sort of effect on our cells and our organism overall is nuts? Okay.

That was it. We decided to move to a new place to ensure the health and well-being of our family!

Sometimes, the only solution is to simply get away from the sources of radiation, whether it’s electro-smog or RF radiation. We don’t fully know how it is effecting us at the cellular level and to what degree. We do know that when the electrical charge of cells drop, the cell becomes impaired, and every condition or ailment is a consequence of impaired cell function. (You may be thinking well don’t those high frequencies “charge” the cells? No. The high frequencies are unrecognizable “noise” to the cells of our bodies and inundate them with dangerous dissonant frequencies.) If literally distancing yourself and your family from these unnatural sources of radiation is what it takes to be safe and rest assured, then I recommend to do it!

If you cannot protect or distance yourself from sources of high frequency emf radiation, I recommend getting a proven low-hertz frequency PEMF System to mitigate the effects of EMF radiation by correcting the electrical field of the bodies cells. Whether it’s from smart meters, wi-fi or even 5G towers, EMF Radiation is a new threat and it is very real. We are under siege like never before! Environmental radiation (electrosmog) directly affects mitochondrial DNA causing mitochondrial dysfunction. Utilizing an Earth Based Frequency PEMF System can charge your cells with resonant energy. Once the cells are activated with frequencies they can receive and understand, they oscillate with these resonant frequencies which boosts and optimizes overall cell function!

This is energy medicine and this is proven technology.

If we cannot block or get away from the exponentially prevalent electrosmog in society, these PEMF Systems may be our best line of defence against unnatural environment EMF Radiation, such as the so-called smart maters and even 5G.

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