PEMF and Lyme Disease – A Story of Hope and Recovery


Chronic Lyme disease is an immensely painful and bewildering struggle for many people these days. B. burgdorferi, the spirochete bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, can burrow deeply into the body’s tissues with its corkscrew form and stealthily hide from the immune system. This is why the disease is so complex and difficult to cure, and why it’s becoming a silent epidemic in our world today. 

I know this struggle intimately, as I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease four years ago, though I suffered through the symptoms in confusion for the last two decades. I had crippling joint pain, mysterious gastro-intestinal upset, debilitating mood issues, brain fog and a general “sick” feeling that would come and go. These were getting worse and worse over the years, and they eventually rendered me unable to work consistently and support myself.

The good news is that my symptoms are now mostly in remission. I spent a lot of money trying different treatments over the years – some marginally more effective than others, but none seemed to really do the trick. Out of them all, it was the PEMF mat that was the undeniable game changer. The PEMF mat, or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency is known to be a highly effective treatment for Lyme disease because it addresses the root cause of the disease. In my experience, it blew all other treatments out of the water.

Allopathic doctors didn’t have options for treatment beyond two weeks of antibiotics, but that’s for an acute Lyme infection, not an infection that’s reached the chronic stage. In addition, a large number of allopathic doctors do not believe that chronic Lyme disease even exists. So, many people are left to seek out Naturopathic treatment as their only option. 

Facing similarly limited options, I started Naturopathic treatments in earnest at the outset of my diagnosis. These consisted of powerful antimicrobial plant tinctures, antibiotics, IV vitamins and various supplements. These weakened my system further and I ended up sicker than when I started. It’s common to enter a period of “die off”, where patients feel worse to some degree before they get better, but I still wasn’t getting better, even after paying a lot of money to Naturopaths. I was feeling more and more helpless and depressed, and my finances were dwindly quickly.

Then, a stroke of luck brought the iMRS PEMF mat into my life through a friend who had already helped another chronic Lyme sufferer back from her deathbed in the hospital. With such an amazing story of transformation leading the way, I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. With support and guidance from my friend, I was able to incorporate the PEMF treatment into my daily self-care routine. It really didn’t take much time at all – just laying on a mat for 8 minutes, 2-3 times a day.  

After using the PEMF mat consistently for two weeks, my life took a dramatic turn for the better. I was sleeping deeply, my joints didn’t ache constantly, I could eat more foods without getting an upset stomach and my mood problems were lifting. I was left wondering how it worked so well? I discovered that it’s such a successful treatment because it addresses the root cause of chronic illness. According to the leading doctor in treating chronic Lyme disease, Dr. Klinghardt, the root cause of all chronic illness is exposure to EMFs.

This is unfortunate news, because EMFs are ubiquitous in our modern world – it’s hard to escape them unless you live on a secluded island or in the middle of a far-off forest. Most of us cannot accommodate our lives to live in such remote places. We can heroically strive to minimize our exposure to electrosmog, but completely eliminating exposure is extremely difficult. 

This is where the PEMF mat comes into play. It mitigates EMF damage and restores our electromagnetic field by pulsing the low frequencies that are emitted from the earth, which are around 0.5 to 28 hertz. Our bodies evolved alongside these low frequencies and we need them –  they are necessary for the body’s physiological and cellular function. Dr. Klinghardt says that our cells are not able to communicate properly when exposed to EMFs and this leads to the vast dysfunction that results in an overgrowth of Lyme bacteria. He asserts that this is precisely how Lyme disease has become so pervasive. 

Dr. Klinghardt’s world-renown treatment for chronic Lyme disease has three main components. Firstly, his patients are asked to eliminate as much electrosmog as possible (from EMFs), things like turning off electrical breakers at night or keeping cell phones turned off and out of one’s bedroom. Then, they are asked to eliminate exposure to molds. Finally, psychological wounds and traumas are addressed. He asserts that without first addressing EMF exposure, he will not treat a patient because he knows that they will not improve with any subsequent approaches and treatments. He has seen that without addressing EMF exposure first, one cannot hope to achieve lasting progress. This methodology paints a revealing picture and drives home the importance of both reducing exposure to and mitigating the effects of EMFs.  

Although Naturopathic treatment is useful for many people, it can also be problematic. The prolonged use of harsh antibiotics, which is often part of their protocol, has been deemed inadvisable by allopathic doctors. Dr. Kinghardt shares that his treatment of patients with antibiotics in the 90s were successful, but then they reached a plateau and it was hard to move on from there. 

Looking around me at the other Lyme patients with whom I connected, their narrative seemed strikingly similar. Many of them had been doing these prolonged treatments of antibiotics and harsh antimicrobial tinctures for years. Sometimes even seven years! They seemed to be stuck in this cycle of harsh treatments, and yet were still sick, years later. They always held this admirable hope that a breakthrough was around the corner of their next strict diet, round of antibiotics or harsh antimicrobials, meanwhile paying a fortune to the Naturopath. 

This is why I am so grateful that the PEMF mat came into my life, because I was nearly going down that path myself. I layed down on the iMRS PEMF mat for the first time in the fall of 2019 and later that night, my body entered a deep state of relaxation. Like no time I could recall, I was sent into a restful, deep sleep. As we all know, deep, regenerative sleep is the cornerstone of the healing journey. Additionally, my joint pain began to improve; I was able to go for longer walks and start lifting weights again at the gym; my digestive problems cleared up and I could eat a larger variety of foods and it wouldn’t give me the same kind of trouble.

Now, I am working again and feel like a functioning member of society. My physical capacity throughout the day has increased 95 percent and I’m still amazed with how much I can get done in a day compared to two years ago when simply washing my hair would drain my energy for the whole day. 

I compare my journey of wellness to an upward spiral. As with many things, there were many small steps, different approaches and lifestyle shifts that elevated me on this upward momentum towards health. However, through all the things that I tried over the years, it was the consistent, daily use of the iMRS PEMF mat that drastically turned my life around. I diligently used it every day and over time, I felt healthier. Then one day, looking around at my life, I realized that like a blossom of summer, my life had unfurled and reached up towards the sun, and I truly felt for the first time in a long time, that I WAS healthier. 

By Sarah MacDonald

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