Living with 5G.

5g hidden in trees

“Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” — Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. 

  • Approximately 39.5% of men and women in the USA will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes (based on 2015–2017 data).
  • The incidence of neurological illness is going up every day. And the main thing that is paralleling is the increase in exposure to electromagnetic radiation that has reached catastrophic dimensions and only getting worse!

It’s all around us, constantly. Typically, our bodies don’t tell us when were being exposed, just like some people don’t feel it when they lie on the PEMF system with the beneficial frequencies right away, but the harmful effects from ongoing exposure to EMF radiation show up in various symptoms over time. 

There are so many forms and sources of high frequency manmade EMF radiation already in place – it’s not just 5G. 

But, the launch of 5G will be similar to turning on the microwave, opening it’s door and leaving it on.

These frequencies are in the gigahertz range and they all produce electrosmog. The entire issue spans well beyond cell phones and many citizens, scientists and doctors are alarmed. 

This concern has taken a back seat, because of COVID-19, like all concerns, not that COVID-19 is not important, but this is another GLOBAL CRISIS in the works!

Our cells are already under siege, and 5G is being rolled out worldwide exponentially.

If we haven’t already, we are becoming a Wi-fried nation with diminished cell function.

We have no known organ to detect harmful EMF radiation, but symptoms with correlations to exposure include inflammation, pain, fatigue, exhaustion, fibromyalgia, depression, low sex drive, malignancies and the list goes on. 

A stop sign I saw while driving (and no, I didn’t put the sticker there).

It seems there’s no political will to look at the signs that are available! There’s no political will to translate the signs into policy to protect people.

Cellular stress, headaches, fatigue, body aches, sleeping disorders and melatonin impairment are all too common these days.

Speaking of sleep issues, another big one is insomnia. People sleep better when they get out in nature away from “the buzz”. With no wireless, no concrete, no cell phone, no computer and no buzz – guess what – people often sleep better!

That should tell us something …

But who can go live off the grid full-time? If you can my hat’s off to you but I don’t know many people who do. 

We’re using our gadgets along with wireless technologies more than ever before. 

Wireless is everywhere.

5G towers are smaller and more discreet than older cell towers and have been rolling out in cities starting in 2020 up until now and it’s gaining momentum. Some cities have said we do not want it though!

The plan for 5G is for it to be everywhere.

It’s a technology that will be used to make driverless cars work, and to keep up with the digitization of the world and the internet of things, so it will fairly rapidly be everywhere it seems. 

Cell towers, smart meters, and now 5G, this is going way beyond the cell phone.

But regarding our health, it’s not only 5G…

It’s the cumulative exposure we already have to deal with, the cumulative effect of all the electromagnetic sources. Even the household currents, the TV, the cordless home phone, the radio tower, the cell phone tower, the TV towers, it’s all that together.

The more you can reduce and counteract the exposure, the more protected you will be.

Children’s bodies and brains are developing and extremely sensitive, making them all the more susceptible to interfering frequencies.

They are precious, vulnerable, sensitive, developing human beings.

It’s a problem that their brains and nervous systems are just developing and they are being exposed to increasing amounts of EMF radiation.

People have all kinds of electronic equipment in their houses and it’s not just the blue lights that are emanating from the electronic equipment. It’s also the EMF Radiation. Biological effects occur from some of the energy waves that are coming through—the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation—that most people and parents are unaware of. They are either unaware or they think it’s safe because it is “non-ionizing”.

There are things you can do to reduce, mitigate and counteract harmful EMF Radiation exposure:

– keep cell phone away from your head
– airplane mode on (when not in use)
– turn bluetooth off
– turn off wifi router at night (or when not in use)
– don’t allow kids to use cell phones as much as possible
– don’t use microwaves
– keep laptop off your lap, limit use if possible
– get a smart meter cover
– get rid of cordless (“portable”) home phones
– get in nature and away from the buzz
– try not to live near cell towers, if you can help it
– use resonant energy medicine to reinforce the body’s own energy field, supporting cells to hold a healthy cell charge. 

In general, we should reduce exposure to manmade electrosmog and distance ourselves from unnaturally high EMF sources. Then we should REINTRODUCE the low frequency field of the Earth, correctly re-establishing the electrical field of the cells of our bodies. 

When you correctly charge your cells, you optimize cell function. 

If you do this everyday (expose yourself to resonant frequencies within the biological window of cell health), you have a much better chance of preventing or minimizing cell dysfunction! 

– Cell dysfunction leads to cell mutation and cell death.

– The essence of human health is cell function.

– Without optimally functioning cells there is no optimal health. 

Many alternative treatments only work for a short time – as they don’t address cell function.

That is why more and more people are turning to low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems which supplement the cells of the body with frequencies required to be well!

Low frequency, low intensity resonant PEMF systems are safe, easy to use, and they address pathologies (lack of cell charge), not just symptoms.
Pulsed electromagnetic field systems to restore energy and bring the cell voltage (cell charge) to homeostasis makes total sense!

The best line of defense today is resonant low frequency PEMF.
Improve cell function and boost the self-healing capacities of your body!

PEMF treatment does not cause any adverse side effects, is non-toxic and can be performed anywhere at any time.

Reinforce the energy field of the body! Give the body a healthy cell voltage which is necessary for optimum cell function and essential to healthy cells.

Questions? We’re here to help!