Tony Robbins endorses PEMF therapy in his new book ‘Life Force’!

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“What it does it it charges up the cells so they communicate better, changes the circulation in the body, (and) it also destroys the weak cells so that they’re replaced more quickly…”
– Tony Robbins (on PEMF therapy)

Basically what Tony is referring to is the general action produced by charged cells (which optimizes cell function), increased oxygenation and healthy cells replicating healthy cells (regeneration).

In Tony’s new book ‘Life Force‘ he recommends PEMF to assist with pain relief as well. Life Force author and peak performance strategist Tony Robbins first used PEMF therapy to take his excruciating pain from a torn rotator cuff from a level 9 to a 4.5, and continues to utilize the therapy every day to boost energy, concentration levels, and improve sleep.

“Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), uses a controlled pulse of electromagnetic therapy to restore the body to a peak level of energy. Studies have shown that PEMF also decreases pain, swelling and inflammation, and improves cellular metabolism and energy.”

I encourage you to get a copy of Tony’s new book to learn many ways you can improve your cellular health now and hopefully into the distant future!

The tools are becoming more readily available and we must take responsibility for our own well being and utilize these medicines, tools and technologies and share them with our families and communities as well.

We are now entering a new paradigm in healthcare where energy medicines such as light, sound, magnetic fields and other technologies (that emulate nature) can readily be used as complementary therapies to successfully treat a wide variety of serious chronic health conditions — free of unwanted side effects.  We are bio-electromagnetic beings or, as some would say, “beings of energy.” Consequently we respond to external sources of electromagnetic frequencies in a variety of ways that can be either beneficial or harmful.

When we are exposed to beneficial, health-enhancing frequencies, we raise our cell charge and electrical and chemical processes in the tissues are stimulated. Low frequency PEMF systems are designed to support cellular energy, improving cellular health and function. 

The iMRS Prime is the most advanced PEMF system available today using only earth based Schumann Frequencies and Intensities. It also uses the NASA researched and proven square wave, which has been shown to be the most effective for healing and regeneration.

As the very best PEMF device available worldwide, the iMRS Prime reinforces the energy field at the cellular level which helps the body to heal, repair and regenerate itself. Users of these finely tuned low frequency PEMF systems often feel more energy, less pain, have better sleep and maintain a more positive mental disposition.

The iMRS Prime (along with the Omnium1) are the only PEMF Systems in the world medically approved to reduce pain, improve microcirculation, promote bone healing and improve wound healing.

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