PEMF Therapy: Is it More Effective than Drugs at Healing?


PEMF technology is based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, which states that pulses of energy cause an electrical field in nearby materials. This effect on the cellular level can cause a number of benefits, including improved circulation and relief from pain. Each pulse hits the cells with an electromagnetic field, which can disrupt their membrane and cause temporary depolarization. This in turn causes the voltage-dependent calcium channels to open, providing relief from pain. PEMF therapy is a safe and noninvasive method of healing. 

This sounds like a safe and interesting alternative to conventional methods, but there are only a limited number of people who are using it to overcome their problems. Considering the safety of this therapy, why is it that the rest of the world isn’t turning to it? There is a possibility that they are not entirely aware of this entirely. 

That is why we have gathered all of the information from experts to go into detail about dependable PEMF devices like the iMRS Prime & OMNIUM1 2.0. We believe these devices aid in the healing process, so let us take a closer look at them.

How Electromagnetic Waves Work 

The electromagnetic waves that are fundamental to life are also vital for our individual health and well-being. Electromagnetic waves are constantly being exposed by the Earth, the Sun, the Schumann resonances, as well as the spherics, and the harmonic composition of all of these things create an all-natural force that affects human organisms, animals, and plants. This force is essential for preserving and restoring our biological health.

PEMF Therapy: Time to Heal 

Have you ever wondered what the most important factor in healing is? If not! Let’s start collecting information about it. 

Before we come to a solution, let’s discuss the root cause of the problem so that we can remove the things that are causing our health to decline. 

Due to the pervasive effects of artificial electromagnetic interference (EMI), mainly from cellphone networks (5G), there is a growing need for more wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, satellites), all manner of electrically powered objects, such as computers, laptops, and smart smartphones, and a lack of movement and exercise. In addition, our lifestyles are increasingly burdened by stress, poor diets, and polluted environments. Combined, these factors have led to widespread system deficiencies, disruptions, and unspecific symptoms and disorders.

How can we reduce our exposure to radiation from this new technology? 

Our low-frequency PEMF devices, such as iMRS Prime and OMNIUM1 2.0, help to reduce and reverse the degenerating, high-frequency damage caused by EMFs like 5G, by resonating the low-pulsating frequencies of the earth (O.5-28 Hz) back into our cells. This strengthens our physiological systems, organs, and cellular pathways, and allows for rejuvenation and cellular fortification. You can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected against the harmful effects of 5G radiation.

How does PEMF Therapy Initiate the Healing process?

It is important to keep a number of factors in check in order to keep cells healthy, including the pH of the blood, the levels of nutrients and toxins, and the electrical health of cells. In addition, the cells in your body have a negative charge, which is important for keeping your cells healthy. But how does your body balance these charges?  Read on to know the answer.

Potassium and magnesium are needed to stabilise the cells’ negative charge, while calcium and sodium are ideally kept outside the cells. Let’s see how this therapy works to bring them back into balance.

This is where PEMF therapy comes in to keep everything balanced. The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) sends powerful magnetic energy into the body to improve healing. This powerful energy works with your body’s natural magnetic field to increase electrolytes and ions. Which naturally influences electrical changes on a cellular level and cellular metabolism. 

Instead of masking symptoms with pain medications, PEMF treatment eliminates the source of pain. Besides relaxing muscles, it improves circulation and reduces inflammation. 

PEMF treatments have been found to reduce joint pain, osteoarthritis pain, fibromyalgia pain, sprains, and muscle injuries. It is common for clients to reduce or even discontinue pain medication as they heal! It enhances the effectiveness of pain medications by strengthening the metabolism.


We did our best to explain the therapy to you. The iMRS Prime and OMNIUM1 2.0 devices are the world’s most well-known and innovative devices, providing a wide range of health benefits. 

The device is simple to use and comes with a variety of settings to allow you to personalize your experience. If you’re looking for an effective way to feel better both physically and mentally without taking multiple drugs that may cause health problems if taken for an extended period of time, PEMF therapy is worth considering! Contact our PEMF experts for more information right away