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The Omnium1 exposes the body to frequencies within its natural range (0.5-28Hz) causing each of your 75 trillion cells to resonate at its optimal frequency. In as little as 8 minutes, cells are fully re-energized with effects lasting up to 6 hours and beyond. This optimal state activates the body’s natural self-healing ability, while balancing the body systems and helping to reduce or eliminate chronic conditions. With no negative side effects to the earth-based frequencies provided by the Omnium1 PEMF system, it is the most advanced, sustainable solution for an enhanced quality of life!

Developed and engineered in Switzerland, the Omnium1 2.0 runs on the worldwide known and established Android platform. Active wellness and cellular health management in the comfort of your home is no longer just a vision.

OmniMat (Whole Body Applicator)

In order to provide the purest pulsating electromagnetic fields, the OmniMat contains 3 pairs of solid and non-insulated
copper coils divided in the head/neck, torso/hips and legs/feet area. The coils have different amount of windings to control the intensity levels on the surface accordingly.

The OmniMat uses a triple sawtooth waveform form to efficiently deliver the full spectrum of human cell frequencies from 0.5-28 Hz and beyond. This very sophisticated physical impulse composition called the „Triple Saw Tooth“ waveform is able to deliver a very high amount of single frequencies and it’s harmonic over waves (mainly 0.5-28Hz + harmonics up to the higher KHZ range) simultaneously within a very short period of me. The sawtooth waveform is the only waveform capable of creating both even and uneven harmonic over-waves. The sawtooth pattern is the ideal choice for overall health and wellness effects (whole body application) as it’s highly sophisticated triple sawtooth wave also delivers triple the harmonic over-waves, thus increasing the probability of resonating effects to all body cells.

Inspired by nature, the Omnium1 2.0 offers the most biologically relevant frequencies (to the cells of the body) of any system on the market!

The OmniMat’s trifold design allows for compact storage and travel. It has six engineered, uninsulated copper tesla coils that increase in size from head to foot providing a maximum flux density of 45 microtesla. The lower body is capable of resonating better with higher field intensity than the head. To achieve and maintain an optimal biological environment within the body it is recommended to use the OmniMat at least two times per day (ideally morning and evening).

Because each cellular structure within the body responds to different frequencies the applied signal structure creates a high resonating effect. The rapid rise and fall time of the triple saw tooth wave form is the ideal signal structure to enhance and optimize metabolism, and literally acts as a “battery charger“ for the nearly 75 trillion cells an average human body contains. The countless layers of impulse variation and it’s resonance properties along with the built-in and automated bio-rhythm clock makes the OmniMat sessions the most varied, complex and efficient holistic PEMF application. It also means, that the benefits will never reach a plateau, unlike static magnets and simple sine wave PEMF systems.

Besides generating specified electromagnetic field pulses (finely tuned PEMF) and reinforcing the bodies own energy fields, one of the secrets of PEMF lies in the improvement of microcirculation, the circulation of blood in the smallest blood vessels of the body. The Omnium1 PEMF system delivers specialized waveforms to target these very small blood vessels promoting improved blood flow and increased oxygen and nutrient supply to tissues and organs. This improved microcirculation increases the human body’s ability to heal and repair chronic illness and injury.

The OmniPad (localized PEMF applicator) provides Square Wave PEMF therapy. The OmniPad is designed to deliver effective pain relief, while improving circulation and accelerating healing. Since the Omnium1 2.0 PEMF system is portable and can run off the charged Omnium1 2.0 Tablet, the OmniPad is extremely versatile allowing you to incorporate your PEMF sessions into your existing routines. The OmniPad is designed with two engineered, uninsulated copper coils providing a maximum flux density of 70 microtesla.

The NASA Proven Square Wave

The 4-year NASA study lead by Dr. Thomas Goodwin, PhD on the ability of PEMF to improve the growth and repair of tissues in mammals resulted in the discovery of the most efficient properties of an applied pulsed electromagnetic field in terms of: Energy, Frequency, Intensity and Waveform.

Reflecting and interpreting the results, NASA found the best physical parameters of PEMF as stated below:

  1. Rapid time varying waveform – specifically square wave (triple saw tooth also matches the criteria, but not a simple sine wave).
  2. Very low frequency (10 Hz), close to 7.83 and 11.79 (almost exactly between main carrier frequencies of the earth magnetic field and atmosphere incl. Schumann waves)
  3. Low Intensity (1 – 20 Microtesla), which is even less than the strength of the earth magnetic field (roughly fluctuating between 30 – 70 microtesla)

NASA discovered that the benefits of very low frequency, very low intensity and rapidly varying PEMF’s promote better healing and regeneration of damaged or disease tissue, improves cell longevity, accelerates cell growth, improves cellular voltage (mainly observed in nerve cells), up regulation of genes related to collagen production, cell restoration and growth. For more information on the NASA study please contact us.


The local applicator OmniPad contains one pair of equally winded and non-insulated, solid copper coils and is designed for localized applications. The OmniPad exposes the above described and NASA proven „Square Wave“ signal structure. The applicator can be placed over all related areas on the body, mainly to relieve pain, to increase blood circulation locally and to relieve muscle tension.

OmniSpot (optional)

The local applicator OmniSpot contains one pair of equally winded and non-insulated, solid copper coils and is designed for pinpointed applications. The OmniSpot also exposes the above described and NASA proven „Square Wave“ signal structure. The applicator can be placed and fixed around specific areas of the body (using the attached Velcro Strap), mainly to relieve pain, to increase blood circulation punctually and to relieve muscle tension in defined areas. The OmniSpot exposes higher magnetic field intensity than the OmniPad. In addition the OmniSpot is designed to create a specific physical phenomenon called the Helmholtz Effect. This effect appears, whenever two copper coils face each other during pulsed magnetic field exposure. This constellation leads to a homogenous field exposure in the center of the opposing coils and provides a higher efficiency factor.

The Built-In Biorhythm Clock

The biorhythm clock is unique to the Omnium1 and iMRS Prime PEMF systems and is perfect for giving your entire organism the frequency spectrum it needs for the time of the day you use it. For example, when you want activating frequencies during a morning session and relaxing, regenerating frequencies at night.

The Omnium1 2.0 Tablet can power the PEMF system and it can also be used as a regular tablet without any restrictions: surf the web via WIFI, send and receive emails, take photos and videos, or download and install applications.

Designed for a wide range of energy, health, wellness and fitness applications, the Omnium1 is the world’s first full body, modular, portable, Android based pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy mat system. Each Omnium1 2.0 set includes cutting-edge applicators which mimic the Earth’s magnetic field in frequency and intensity providing unsurpassed health and wellness to the human body and mind.

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Our entire biological system – the body, the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies.”  – Nikola Tesla



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