Improve your performance like never before with PEMF therapy!


Stress is a feeling that can be caused by many things in our everyday lives, like pressure at work, arguments with family or friends, or cost-of-living pressures. But many less obvious things can add up to stress, like the pandemic, the drumbeat of war, or the pressure of always being on the go. Even small things can be a stressor, like a noisy neighbor or getting stuck in traffic.

When we have sudden or chronic stress, our bodies react in different ways. We occasionally experience headaches, dry mouth, neck pain, stomach cramps, or sleepless nights. Other times, we might feel tense and anxious. But no matter what happens, the bottom line is that our bodies are trying to deal with the stress in the best way possible.

When it comes to performance and training, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to exercise or sports performance, and complex sports science plays an important role in improving training. Good sleep, eating well, effective exercise techniques, and psychological practices can all help improve an athlete’s performance.

However, PEMF therapy has its own way of improving your overall well-being.

How does PEMF medical equipment enhance your performance?

Many people who have utilized PEMF devices such as the iMRS Prime and Omnium1 2.0 have seen improvements in their performance and exercise rate. The improvement is likely due to the low-frequency electromagnetic waves coming from these devices.

Let’s have a look at the effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy:

  1. Prevents cell breakdown: Professional athletes work hard every day, and their bodies are constantly under stress. They don’t have much time to relax between games as they have to practice harder for another game. The same thing goes for regular fitness enthusiasts or those who have experienced trauma – even if they’re fit. There is always some sort of soreness, fatigue, or tiredness which can affect their day tremendously depending on how severe the condition is. However, there is evidence that magnetic fields increase the transport of oxygen to the muscle, which can help improve performance and speed up the recovery process. PEMF therapy, which is in full effect, helps to produce heat shock proteins, which are vital in preventing tissue damage, cell breakdown, and wear and tear in the body. 
  1. Recover from injury: When you use PEMF therapy to help you heal after an injury, it is important to work continuously and rapidly to promote muscle growth and energy production. This treatment will help activate the muscles, and energy will be produced. The iMRS Prime device can help activate heat stress protein production, which will support fast recovery from a severe injury. Additionally, PEMF therapy can trigger blood vessel development, which will aid blood circulation and repair body tissues. If you are a casual exerciser, you will feel less pain after exercising. However, all in all, you will have a healthy body that is less prone to injury.
  1. Reduces pain: If you’re experiencing chronic pain, you may have tried various therapies to alleviate it. For some people, taking painkillers to reduce the pain and having a routine will be the norm. But if you want to treat the pain, you need to try the Omnium1 2.0. PEMF therapy is a form of energy therapy that uses low-frequency, energy fields to treat a variety of conditions. Many people know from experience and research that it can help reduce pain, improve sleep, and help the body heal itself. 
  1. Improves mental stimulation: Psychosocial stress and life event stressors can influence the level of injury occurrence. For any athlete, training is as much in the mind as in the physical performance. The Ominum1 2.0 can help to increase serotonin levels, which helps to reduce stress and promote happiness. PEMF therapy has programs that encourage people to be in alpha mode, which means the mind will be relaxed and awakened. It is worth noting that a different program will support the brain waves, which means problem-solving, data processing, and multitasking will be enhanced, letting people become more focused, avoid distractions, and remain productive. Theta waves promote a deeply relaxing mental state or clarity observed in meditation. Delta frequencies prepare the mind and body for deep and restorative sleep, crucial for performance for the following day!
  1. Increased stamina: In order to train for as long and consistently as possible, you need to make sure your blood circulation is working well. Your blood circulation helps to deliver oxygen to the muscles that need it and to expel waste efficiently. PEMF therapy may help increase oxygen uptake by muscles by around 1%. While this may seem small, it can significantly help improve your athletic endurance and performance. The increase in oxygen can help increase your nutrient absorption to optimize muscle. PEMF therapy is also known to increase ion transfer which optimizes cell membrane potential overall, optimizing cell function which includes nutrient uptake, detoxification and regenerating.

Wrapping Up

Pulsed PEMF therapy is a good way to relieve muscle soreness and tension, whether you are a casual athlete or someone who is serious about your fitness. 

To learn more about market-leading PEMF devices, contact an expert in the field!