Does PEMF help Relieve Pain?

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The Exagon Spot from the iMRS Prime delivers the helmholtz resonance effect with PEMF Therapy, which is known to help relieve pain.

Many people use PEMF to help relieve aches and pains.

Muscle relaxation and improved circulation: The therapeutic application of pulsating magnetic fields produces tiny electromagnetic impulses (inductions) in the body. Through weakening nerve impulses to the muscle cells, they lose their tension and are better able to relax. This results in overall relaxation of the muscles and improved blood circulation.  All muscle tension, including spasm, can be relieved or eliminated. Since headaches and back pain are often caused by muscle tension, they can be treated naturally with this modality.

Pain relief: With application of PEMF, the pain signal from, for example, the knee or back, is transmitted to the brain in a weakened state. The perception of pain therefore decreases. It is not unusual for chronic pain to completely disappear following treatment.

Another PEMF benefit is that it can also reduce inflammation, which is known to help reduce pain as well.

The use of PEMF machines provides a therapeutic application of pulsating magnetic fields which produces tiny electromagnetic impulses (inductions) in the body.

When our bodies are “targeted by pulsating magnetic fields, red blood cells deliver more oxygen to all the body’s cells” (1). This can help the body relieve pain and to improve upon a lot of natural mechanisms such as the following:

  • Increased metabolism – due to the increase in oxygen, nutrient conversion improves within cells and our bodies get rid of waste quicker.
  • Calming of the nervous system – our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems need to be balanced, which the pulses of PEMF help with. When our nervous systems are out of balance, we put ourselves at risk for chronic illness, asthma, skin problems, circulatory disorders, and bowel diseases. 
  • Increase energy and ATP production.
  • Pain Relief – the perception of pain decreases with the application of PEMF systems, and it is “not unusual for chronic pain to completely disappear following treatment” (1).
  • Shorten “recovery time from injury or surgery” by helping to “reduce or eliminate soreness” and “increase physical stamina and strength” (2).
  • Improved sleep through the stimulation of melatonin and HGH hormones in the body, which also have anti-aging properties (3).

Any tension you may be experiencing in your muscles, including muscle spasms, can be relieved or entirely eliminated by PEMF therapy. This includes headaches and back pain, which are often caused by muscle tension. It is entirely possible to stop taking pain medication with prolonged use and success of PEMF therapy.

PEMF therapy “deeply penetrates the body to enhance blood flow and circulation, reduce inflammation and tension, and promote detoxification at a cellular level…giving you a healthy glow while helping your body relax and switch into healing mode” (3)

PEMF has over 60 years of verified and proven success in helping deal with muscle pain and soreness.