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Western countries pride themselves on their health care systems, yet chronic illness is continuously on the rise. So, what is “normal” when it comes to our health and our health care?

For all our expertise and technological sophistication, Western medicine often fails to treat the whole person, ignoring how our culture is saturated with unnaturally high EMFs (electromagnetically polluted), which stresses the cells of the body, burdens the system, and undermines healthy cell voltage.

A key element of cellular health perhaps doctors have not told you about (and might be unaware of) is related to the fact that healthy cells have a healthy cell charge or cell voltage.

This is important to know.

Most people are suffering from a magnetic field deficiency or a lack of cell charge. This is the root cause of most disease.

Bringing up the cell voltage (cell charge) is why resonant pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works to address pathologies – rather than just the symptoms.

Resonant PEMF Therapy re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electrical changes within the cell that restore it to its normal healthy state with a healthy cell charge.

Bringing cellular voltage to homeostasis supports cellular function.

Low-Frequency Low-Intensity PEMF systems can provide electromagnetic resonance with human cells and make them oscillate while activating natural repairing abilities, boosting cellular metabolism and counteracting cellular aging processes.

The Omnium1 & iMRS Prime PEMF systems utilize the healing, low-frequencies of Earth that our bodies evolved with, correcting the electrical field of our cells and enhancing cellular activity in as little as 8 minutes. 

Feel a lack of energy or cell charge? Feeling “burnt out” or “wi-fried”? 

PEMF therapy systems are effective, simple solutions to reverse the damage caused by a world saturated with EMFs by boosting the cells with resonant energy that the body’s cells can actually utilize.

PEMF is already very well known to help relieve pain, increase circulation, support bone growth and used for wound healing.
Resonant PEMF is also a very useful tool to support all cell processes.

The PEMF Mat and PEMF Applicators activate the cells in the body.

Finely tuned pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) are the most effective and cost-efficient option for overall cellular support with the widest range of issues. PEMF therapy does not treat medical conditions, instead it works on a holistic level up-regulating the body’s functions at the cellular level, improving the body’s ability to heal itself.

PEMF provides stunning regenerative effects because these pulsed electromagnetic fields result in cells getting charged up and carrying their own re-established cell charge even after the PEMF session is applied. This optimizes cell function as charged cells are more able to perform their duties.

The Omnium1 & iMRS Prime PEMF systems utilize the principle of resonance with low-intensities which are proven to be effective.

Low-intensity PEMF systems are very safe for home use without the necessity of a trained technician onsite. There is a vast collection of clinical studies, confirming superior supportive efficiency of Low-pulsed PEMF systems.

These PEMF parameters seem to be “mimicking” the Earth’s natural magnetic field strength. Whole-body applications within these intensity levels have proven most effective in activating the body’s own healing capacity.

All Health is Cell Health.

Reinforcing the energy field of the body at the cellular level is fundamental to good health.

We are collectively waking up to this in these times while we are paving the way towards new ways of helping people to deal with various issues in the body.

Resonant PEMF therapy systems are effective, simple solutions to support all cellular activities in the body and also for specific areas needing support healing.

The Omnium1 2.0 & iMRS Prime are also the only PEMF systems registered as “Medical Devices” according to the newly established MDR 2017/745 for Wound Healing, Bone Healing, Increasing Circulation and Pain Relief!

The beneficial applications of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF therapy) are well known.

PEMF Improves Immune System Defence…

PEMF therapy can decrease the production of pro-inflammatory secretion, while stabilizing or increasing anti-inflammatory cytokine production, during immune response. By modulating the expression of various signaling cascades and cellular information processing networks to restore them to homeostatic (healthy) production levels, PEMF is showing promise as a treatment for inflammatory regulation to be used to promote tissue regeneration and improve the immune system response.

Rolling Stone magazine even covered PEMF in the middle of the pandemic in this article on PEMF being used to HELP THE BODY RECOVER and STAY STRONG. PEMF is going mainstream! 
In his new book Life Force, Tony Robbins says “PEMF restores our body to a peak level of energy”. He notes many studies showing how PEMF reduces pain and inflammation, and that PEMF improves cellular metabolism overall.

Tony uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy daily to take charge of his health, and to recharge his cells! 

As more and more people are discovering ways of supporting healthy cells, PEMF is in the conversation more and more!

However, some people have known about these secrets for a long time. Nikola Tesla is one of the first.

Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

All life exists in an ocean of EMFs

“Every activity of our cells can ONLY take place due to electrical impulse. PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to geriatric, and will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.”  

– Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize Winner

Cells are electromagnetic by nature, meaning that they generate their own electromagnetic fields and harness external electromagnetic energy of the optimal wavelength, frequency, intensity and strength in order to communicate, control and drive metabolic reactions.

The Earth’s Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields of 0.5 – 28 Hertz (in the range of 0.5 – 28 cycles per second) are what our bodies evolved with and it is what our bodies require to revitalize and activate, sparking our cells to LIFE and restoring our vital electromagnetic field to homeostasis, so the body can begin to heal itself!

Whole body pulsed electromagnetic field systems can utilize well researched technology and replicate the living, pulsing Earth in frequency and intensity to efficiently and safely reinforce the energy field of the body using the principle of resonance.

The essential performance characteristic of the iMRS Prime and Omnium1 is the generation of specified magnetic field pulses and the reinforcement of the body‘s own energy fields at the cellular level.

If you want to be well, you need to correct the electrical field of the cells.