Video Transcript: What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

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Ty Bollinger: If you could explain to the viewers, what is a PEMF machine and how does it work? And also thank you to Coleen, who is actually going to be receiving a treatment.

Dr. Martin Bales: She is actually undergoing active treatment right now. That’s the sound that you hear.

Ty, as you mentioned, PEMF is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The therapy is not new, it was actually first described by Tesla in the 1880s and 1890s.

If you consider that malignant cells and also damaged tissue run at a lot lower voltage, or electrical potential, this therapy is designed to up the potential, or increase the energy of the cells. So, that makes the cancer unhappy.

In addition, here at Center for New Medicine, when patients have the IV therapies or the hyperbaric oxygen, it helps drive those therapies and those nutrients to the affected area. As we can see with Coleen here, we’ve placed the loop, which is one of the attachments, right over her affected area—so we’ll run that for ten minutes. And then we’ll also run the mat which she’s currently lying on – the blue mat here – for ten minutes, to help the electrical pitch in all the cells in her body.

Ty Bollinger: So this is actually pulsing good electricity, or good frequencies. Is that what it is doing to the body?

Dr. Martin Bales: Yes, it is. You know, we hear a lot about EMF and we know the dangers of the very high frequency EMF. The very low frequency is actually beneficial. It’s similar to the earth’s magnetic pulse that we are actually losing the effect of.

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