The bioelectromagnetic organism…

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To understand how the body interacts with and reacts to magnetic fields, it is important to understand that our bodies are themselves bioenergetic organisms.

The human brain is a fascinating construct, it consists of about 86 billion nerve cells, called neurons, and trillions of connections between them. That means, there are more neuronal connections in a cubic centimeter of brain tissue than there are stars in the Milky Way! This immense neural network is responsible for everything related to human existence. From sensory perceptions to thoughts to all functions of the body – everything is controlled by the data flow of the neural network of the brain. These data are transmitted from one neuron to another with the help of electricity. When millions of neurons communicate simultaneously, a significant amount of electrical activity is produced.

When electricity flows, magnetic fields are created.

This extraordinary amount of electrical activity that keeps our body alive naturally creates its own magnetic fields. Whenever electricity flows (that means when charged particles and molecules like ions are being moved), a proportional magnetic field is created according to Ampere’s law.

Most people assume that this electrical activity is limited to the nervous system, but the vast majority of chemical reactions in the body are accompanied by the movement of charged particles (ions). Considering that most fluids in the body are actually electrolytes (which are ions dissolved in liquid), we can compare the human body to a large battery that generates electricity and occasionally needs to be recharged.

The bioelectromagnetic organism…

Once the connection between the magnetic aspects of the human body and its biophysical chemistry has been established, it becomes easier to see the body as a dynamic, ever-changing bioelectrical and thus biomagnetic organism governed by all the laws of physics of electromagnetism. This means that the body not only has a vascular system and a nervous system, but also a less obvious complex electromagnetic system.

Magnetic fields act as a safe and effective transport medium of electrical energy. Because PEMF therapy uses magnetic fields as a transport medium for stimulation and allows them to pass through biological tissue unhindered, it can induce charges deep in the body. It is non-invasive, safe and well tolerable.

Because PEMFs induce physiological ionic shifts in tissues, they can only produce as much charge as cells are naturally capable of. Tissues cannot be overcharged by PEMF.

This is why low-frequency, low-intensity PEMF therapy has such positive results on people, enhancing the function of cell membranes by helping restore healthy transmembrane potential and revitalizing the cells of the body.

The essential performance characteristic of the iMRS Prime and Omnium1 is the generation of specified magnetic field pulses and the reinforcement of the body‘s own energy fields.

This is how resonant PEMF Therapy works.