PEMF for Horses – How PEMF Can Help Horses Heal

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PEMF for Horses? Yes! PEMF is known to help with bone growth and bone healing. Exercise places stress not only on our muscles and joints but on our bones as well. This is as true for animals as it is for humans. For horses, bone damage, and the need for bone repair is highly common. Equine fractures are most often found in the lower limbs as a result of strenuous exercise such as running, jumping, and racing. Equine fractures can also occur when a horse sustains an injury from a fall or kick.

Horse bones are equally strong and fragile for their ability to carry the weight of the horse’s body and to be able to run fast while being light on their hooves. Because of this, horse bones are prone to fractures. For work and show horses, keeping their bones healthy and strong is imperative for them to lead a healthy and long life. If you are a horse owner, you need to have PEMF therapy for horses on hand, here’s why.


The use of a pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF, is a highly effective and safe treatment option for horses. Studies have reported back analysis that PEMF has positive effects on increasing bone metabolism, which in turn works to heal bone fractures in an organic way at a more rapid pace. This is done by the pulses’ ability to stimulate osteoblasts, calcium uptake, and mineralization which works to heal fractures. 

There are also reports going back decades that show PEMF’s power to treat skeletal diseases. The power of PEMF on bone repair is proven and effective. PEMF has been FDA approved for bone growth since 1979.


One particular type of PEMF therapy for horses. Animals are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields and that is in part why PEMF therapy works so well on horses. iMRS stands for intelligent magnetic resonance stimulation and has been utilized for horses by professional veterinarians for a variety of health conditions. They have been used on race horses, show horses, and work horses in agriculture. 

The iMRS fauna is a gentle form of therapy that works directly on a horse’s lower extremities. It comes with a control unit, area applicator, and two leg applicators. PEMF therapy for horses can increase the rate of recovery by up to 70%. By getting down to the cellular level, PEMF therapy is able to stimulate bone repair by signalling two vital pathways: osteogenesis and angiogenesis.

PEMF for Horses:

The iMRS fauna PEMF system provides Equine PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) for Horses.

With the iMRS fauna, the area applicators are made in a new way so that they do not need to be in contact with the animal. Instead, a suspension system has two sides of installation as seen above to create a makeshift stall for the horse to stand in. Once the horse is in the covering, the electromagnetic pulse is turned on and the horse is exposed in a non-intrusive way.

iMRS fauna is an easy, safe, and effective PEMF therapy treatment for horses. Not only does it work to repair bones, but the therapy can also provide the following benefits for horses:

  • Enhance overall performance
  • Helps to increase lung capacity by deepening breathing abilities
  • Works to regenerate cells to make them stronger, which can prevent injury
  • Can help with a wide range of other diseases
  • Increases metabolism and overall vitality
  • Supports other healing processes

In order to best prevent and heal equine fractures, do not wait until an injury happens. Be prepared and give your horse’s bones a fighting chance to strengthen before an injury occurs. Investing in PEMF therapy will be worth the time and money for both you, and your horse. 

iMRS fauna price: US $6349.00 / CAD $8265.00

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