Electrosmog is a growing concern…

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Nowadays computers, tablets, and phones have become unavoidable parts of our lives. We use them for everything: work, study, counting our steps, monitoring our heart rate, dating, reading, researching, cooking, streaming music, the list is endless and we cannot live most of our days without the internet. Wherever we go the first thing we ask is “ what is the wi-fi password?”. The internet speed and quality keep improving to accommodate increasing requirements and demand, which lead to an increased number of cell towers, antennas, etc. Every two years we change our phones and tablets to keep up with the latest trends, to get faster speeds, a better camera, more memory space, etc., and we pay hundreds of dollars for our mobile and internet bills every single month. This is considered normal and most people do not even question these expenses.


At the same time, we are more often hearing about some undiagnosed or misdiagnosed health conditions with unusual symptoms, which most doctors can’t fully explain. Medical doctors were not trained on how to diagnose and treat symptoms related to EMF Radiation exposure. These technologies are relatively new, for example, the first mobile phone came out in 1983. Most health consequences of using computers and cell phones are not well known or well studied, there are hardly any “long term” studies. Most of the available studies were expedient and industry-sponsored to meet health requirements for their products. More and more people have anxiety, depression, allergies, autoimmune disease, electromagnetic sensitivities, let alone cancer.


Another common trend is that due to limited space in a city, most people live and work in high rise buildings with tons of antennas and cell towers on the rooftops and there’s wifi in every single unit in the building. The danger of these unhealthy high-frequency electromagnetic fields is that they are invisible, and they are everywhere, creating “electrosmog”. The negative effect of EMF’s is even worse for our children.


Awareness about electromagnetic frequencies is increasing in health conscious communities. More people have started talking about ways to reduce unnaturally high frequencies of electromagnetic and RF (Radio Frequency) exposure. Although there is no way to completely avoid the exposure, there is a way to reduce the harmful effect of EMFs by using a low-frequency health-supporting Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field System.