Best PEMF Therapy Devices in 2023

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You may have recently read in a research paper or heard in the news that we are not getting enough Earth-based PEMFs, and conversely, we are surrounded by too much electrosmog (harmful EMFs).

If you’re wondering what “earth-based PEMF” means, as well as “electrosmog” and “harmful EMFs”. Don’t worry, we’ll go over everything, including the solution you have to improve this situation. Keep reading to find out.

Let’s start with an explanation of the Earth’s pulsed electromagnetic field forces. 

First and foremost, it is critical to understand that the human body is electromagnetic in nature. Furthermore, the earth’s electromagnetic fields interact with our own magnetic fields on a cellular level. 

Earth’s PEMFs cause brain wave entrainment, Brainwaves are simply electromagnetic activity detected in neuronal tissues. These different brainwave patterns reveal the individual’s level and type of consciousness. There are many other benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy that we will cover in our upcoming articles. 

Now that you understand the role of Earth’s PEMFs, moving forward, in this article, we will discuss how you are getting exposed to harmful EMFs and the solution. 

What are Harmful PEMFs 

The impact of high-frequency EMFs and artificial electromagnetic interference, primarily caused by cell phone networks, computers, laptops, smartphones, etc., building density, a lack of movement and exercise, stress, and poor and depleted diets, results in deficiencies, disturbances, and unspecific symptoms and disorders, which often relates back to a fundamental lack of cell charge or bombarded cells.

People are getting exposed to these harmful EMFs every minute, which is really a matter of concern because scientists estimate that way too many Americans will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives due to exposure to these harmful EMFs (which occurs every minute). And one of the primary causes is the presence of these alienating harmful EMFs which are almost everywhere in society and our homes. 

However, the good news is that low-frequency PEMF therapy devices are providing solutions. Continue reading. 

PEMF Therapy Devices: 

With PEMF therapy, magnetic energy waves are emitted into the body of the patient. According to experts, the waves affect cell behavior by causing electrical shifts within and around them. Although there are plenty of PEMF therapy sales and PEMF device advertisements running online, it is crucial to research carefully and invest in an authentic PEMF medical device. Let’s see what types of Certified Medical PEMF Devices are available on the market. 

iMRS prime

The new iMRS Prime technology is the only medically approved system in the world that combines the efficiency of proven PEMF parameters (Resonance factor based on true scientific PEMF research) with the unique ability to deliver all-natural pulsed electromagnetic waves in one system. 

  • It contains the basic touch-screen control panel 
  • Connector box, which acts as a gateway to connect the PEMF main unit and its other accessories.
  • The PEMF applicators serve as a conductor of the exposed signal patterns to the receiver.
  • And the Exagon mat and applicators 

The device is available in the following options:

  • iMRS prime Basic
  • iMRS prime Advanced
  • iMRS prime Expert
  • iMRS prime Hybrid 

The function of all these medical devices is more or less the same to boost your cellular energy, but the differences are the software features, applicators, and accessories. 

Conclusion: To get more detailed information on all these devices and learn the different features, we recommend you contact PEMF Planet. Their expert panel will guide you through the whole process.