How to have Healthy Cells!

The most overlooked requirement for healthy, functioning cells are pulsed electromagnetic fields.

WE ARE ELECTROMAGNETIC BEINGS.  We interact with energy around us.

Why is this important? Because no cellular function takes place without electrical impulses.


“Every activity of our cells can ONLY take place due to electrical impulse. PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to geriatric, and will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.” – Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize Winner

The History of Man-Made EMFs

The first artificial EMFs on Earth started with Tesla and his discovery of electricity around 125 years ago. This has evolved from our homes’ power outlets (60 hertz) to widely used yet highly disruptive wireless technologies that are in the millions and billions of hertz – smart meters, cell phones, laptops, wifi and cell towers, 3G and 4G.

The newly implemented 5G is simply going too far. 4G and 5G antennas emit an electromagnetic field up to 600 MHz and 24-90+ GHz. 600 MHz is 600 million vibrations per second. 90 GHz is 90 billion vibrations per second.  Compared to the natural range of Earth, which is more or less 0.5-30 vibrations per second, this is very high and is potentially very damaging.

It is one thing to walk on the Earth and resonate with the low vibrational healing field of approximately 0.5 to 30 hertz.  It is quite another to be subjected to intense, high frequency transmissions which are millions and billions of hertz more than our bodies are naturally accustomed to.

The Natural Earth PEMF

Did you know that life can’t grow on the moon because there’s no oxygen, water, gravity or electromagnetic fields in outer space? It is missing the essential elements needed to survive. Our planet Earth, however, has all the essential elements for life to thrive, and most notably for our discussion, electromagnetic fields. It is relatively stable and has a narrow biological frequency window within which we have evolved.

Cells are electromagnetic by nature. This means that they generate their own electromagnetic fields and harness external electromagnetic energy of the optimal wavelength, frequency, intensity and strength in order to communicate, control and drive metabolic reactions.

The human body is affected by energy from every level of the frequency spectrum. Some of these frequencies are beneficial, such as the Earth’s low hertz electromagnetic field, while others are harmful, such as high doses of X-ray or gamma radiation. As mentioned, biological processes function optimally within the specific frequency windows generated by Earth’s electromagnetic field. This relates to the phenomenon of resonance, which we will come back to later.


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The Problem?

The big problem we face is that our cells are now significantly disrupted by man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). We have always lived in harmony with our natural environment, but now, that’s almost impossible because artificial EMFs disturb us inside and outside the home.

Problems are created when we are exposed to EMF pollution because our cells cannot recognize them. Our cells either shut down or get so disturbed that it leads to cellular fatigue, dysfunction, mutation and apoptosis (cell death).

There are now few places on this planet where we can avoid being exposed to these artificial frequencies. We have no organ to detect these harmful frequencies as we cannot see, smell or taste them, but we know they are there.  Some electromagnetically sensitive people can sense these disturbing frequencies and feel sick as a result.

Excessive exposure to these harmful EMFs can lead to fatigue, pain, organ dysfunction and disease. It is a problem that we cannot escape. The artificIal frequencies are now all-pervasive – bombarding us without our consent, and diminishing our body and mind’s capacity to function optimally.

The Solution?

If we apply frequencies in the range found in nature we will thrive. There are only two ways to accomplish a healing resonance:

1. Live on a beach or in a forest far away from any urban centre.

2. Utilize a PEMF therapy system designed to reproduce these beneficial low frequencies for human cells.

The most viable solution for any of us on our planet, which is overrun by high intensity wireless frequencies, is to use a PEMF system. As you lie on the iMRS Prime or Omnium PEMF mats for mere minutes, you will enable your cells to resonate at the low frequency that sustains a healthy body. This resonance will mitigate EMF damage and optimize cell function.

PEMF Resonance Factor

Introduce the Earth’s low Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) and watch your body THRIVE! Naturally, these Earth-based frequencies resonate with the cells of our body.

Earth’s Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields of 0.5 – 30 hertz (in the range of 0.5 – 30 cycles per second) are what our bodies require to revitalize and activate, sparking our cells to LIFE, counteracting dangerous EMFs and restoring our vital electromagnetic field to homeostasis so the body can heal itself!

Resonance Factor: Is this field capable of resonating and interacting with the receiver? (In this case the human body.)

The iMRS Prime and OMNIUM1 whole body pulsed electromagnetic field systems utilize well researched technology to replicate the living, pulsing Earth frequency and intensity, safely enhancing cellular activity. It’s even designed so the intensities are stronger at the feet than the head, just as when we stand on the Earth.

Re-establishing our connection with the electromagnetic field of the Earth corrects the electrical field of the body and optimizes cell function. Simply expressed, if you want to be well, you need to correct the electrical field of the cells. Our PEMF systems can help you achieve this and restore your health to an optimal level.