Ready to purchase a PEMF system?

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Purchasing Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF Medical Systems

Ready to purchase your PEMF System? There’s a few things you should know…

For safety reasons, we do not recommend buying our PEMF products via any of the online platforms, such as ebay, for example. The use of sales channels such as these lies outside our understanding of service and quality, and our sales partners are prohibited from making use of these channels.

Therefore, purchasing new or used Swiss Bionic Solutions products at ebay or similar platforms may result in a risk in terms of warranty claims and a lack of valuable and knowledgeable expert advice.

As Certified Lifestyle Consultants and Certified PEMF Experts, we work exclusively with Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS), the global leader in PEMF Systems for home use! Swiss Bionic Solutions is the manufacturer of the world renowned iMRS Prime & Omnium1 PEMF Systems.

If you would like to order the iMRS Prime or Omnium1 2.0 PEMF technology, learn about pricing, and any specials, along with financing options – just reach out! You will be provided with top-quality service, knowledgeable advice and health-related guidance, before and after you get your SBS PEMF Product!

Toll-Free Phone: 1 (888) 621-1011

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